woensdag 3 december 2014

Artikel: Homosexuality may help us bond

UoP News, 'Homosexuality may help us bond', http://www.port.ac.uk/uopnews/2014/11/25/homosexuality-may-help-us-bond/ (November 25).

Preliminary study

The results of a preliminary study provide the first evidence that our need to bond with others increases our openness to engaging in homosexual behaviour.


Heterosexual women who have higher levels of progesterone are more likely to be open to the idea of engaging in sexual behaviour with other women. Similarly, when heterosexual men are subtly reminded of the importance of having male friends and allies, they report more positive attitudes toward engaging in sexual behaviour with other men.


It's clear there's a continuum between affection and sexuality and sexuality is fluidity, that is, the ability to engage sexually with those of the same sex or the opposite sex is common.


Diana S. Fleischman, Daniel M. T. Fessler, Argine Evelyn Cholakians, 'Testing the Affiliation Hypothesis of Homoerotic Motivation in Humans: The Effects of Progesterone and Priming', Archives of Sexual Behavior, November 2014 DOI: 10.1007/s10508-014-0436-6


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