woensdag 19 november 2014

Artikel: Summary of the development of haptonomy

CIRDH Frans VELDMAN, 'Summary of the development of haptonomy', http://www.haptonomie.org/en/genreal-overview/bibliography.html (2012).


1942 Having been confronted to dehumanizing experiences in connection with the deportation, Frans VELDMAN decides to commit in a scientific approach and research on the affective life of people.

1945 Official beginning of the scientific research on the affective life of people with foundation of a research institute in the Netherlands (Nijmegen).


1960 Definition and introduction of the concept "Haptonomy".

1963 Founding of the "Academy of Haptonomy" in the Netherlands.


1971 Presentation at the University of Leiden for "Boerhaave Commission for continuing education" of physicians: "Developments in the general medicine". And at the Foundation of Dr. van Hoytema, at Enschede under the same title and purpose.

1971 Presentation in the regional councils of general practitioners at the request of the regional councils of the Medical College in The Netherlands for conferences on haptonomy and its interest to physicians. University teaching in Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen to introduce the medical opinions and thought of haptonomy.

1975 First congress of haptonomy in Nijmegen "the whole man".


1980/5 Creation of CIRDH, start of training, still ongoing.
Formation of the College of Scientists and Trainers: physicians, psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, obstetrician gynecologists, pediatrician, biologists, psychologists, midwives, administrative nurses.

1989 Publication of the first book in French of Frans VELDMAN: « Haptonomie ; Science de
l’affectivité » Presses Universitaires de France.


1991 First International Congress of haptonomy at the UNESCO Palace, Paris: Topic: Impact of the haptonomic affective confirming approach on the experience of pain and the specific neuro transmitters.


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